7 Tips For Job Seekers on LinkedIn

Social networks play an important part in our lives, both within the leisure culture and for the world of business and careers. But while most social networks deal primarily with entertainment needs, there are also social networks that focus on the professional field. LinkedIn is the most well-known professional network.

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Many people, including the self-employed, employees, and managers, create a profile there that allows them to advance their careers and business goals. This is a platform where you can view your professional record, your employment history, and your connections.

When it comes to looking for a job on LinkedIn, this system allows you to enjoy two things. The first is an active job search, by contacting job ads, employers and contacts. And the second is to provide helpful information to employers who may “rummage” your social profiles.

1. Help employers find you

While we think of job search as an active step, you may be surprised to find that employers are looking for you. To help employers reach you when they are looking for potential candidates on LinkedIn, use keywords and skills to help the search engine identify you according to your professional abilities.

2. Be active in groups

On LinkedIn, you may find groups that cover a wide range of topics and interests. These groups can assist you with networking. They will contain persons in key positions who may require employees. You may establish yourself as an expert in your subject if you submit valuable content. You can, for example, overview industry trends, professional services, advice, and so on.

3. Ask for endorsments

In order to give authenticity to your skills, you must ask your contacts to recommend you. By doing so you are essentially confirming the qualities and skills you are displaying. You can contact former employers, clients, professional colleagues, etc. This way employers can be sure you are providing value.

4. Present your professional background in the profile

You may have edited the information when you opened your account a few years ago. But you should go over the information again. Update your professional experience and highlight the important things for the job you are looking for at this point in time.

5. Keep track of the companies you are interested in working for

Through company tracking you can keep up to date with news from the company and get background information about the company. This information can help you write a cover letter that you will attach to your resume. This way you can present yourself in a way that suits the nature of the company.

6. Profile address

We can update the profile address according to your name, and not according to the default LinkedIn. This way, you can display your profile address nicely on your resume and also help promote your name on Google.

7. An up-to-date contact information

When employers contact you, you certainly do not want to miss it because of an outdated phone number or email address. Be sure to update your personal details.

One last thing.

Last but not least, a remark on your profile photo. Keep in mind that this is a professional network. Your profile photo should reflect your professional demeanour. So, unless you are a fitness instructor, a picture of your muscles from the gym would not suffice.

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