Who We Are

We are a group of HR specialists and managers that focuses on personal branding!

We know best how to put you in the spotlight when applying to a position or when someone important browses your LinkedIn profile, as it might be your next Headhunter that is looking for the right candidate!

Our services are global. We provide resume writing and LinkedIn profile optimization services to customers from all around the globe.

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First Stage

To get to know you and learn about you we would love to receive from you a report that you would like to translate into English or from which you would like to create your LinkedIn profile. Don't have a resume? Email us important points and help you build them from scratch!


Our writers will start writing your resume in English based on the information you provide. This is an open process and you are welcome to contact the writer at any time if you remember more details that can be helpful to your resume and of course that we will update you on any developments and ask for your approval in the direction of creating the resume.

Process Perfection

You will receive a targeted English or general CV based on your instructions and requirements. During the two weeks following the receipt, you can request a free update to fix if there is anything to fix, add or improve

Why choose us?

We believe that we are really the best in the market!

We give 7 stars service and all of our customers are very happy and satisfied from our deliveries!

We deliver results! We don’t translate your resume. We build it as it should be built from the the beginning, like a pro!

100% satisfaction guarantee!

100% satisfaction guarantee! 100%
Satisfied Clients
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