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Frequent Questions

How Does It work?

Very Simple! you order a recommended package and we’ll start working on your requests.

I just made an online order, what are the next steps?

Wonderful! you are on your next step to your desired position! in the next few hours you will receive an email from one of our agents with detailed instructions of what is needed from you. 

What is needed from me?

In order to write you the perfect resume we would like you send us your current resume in your local language, some information and links to desired positions. 

And if I don't have updated Resume?

It’s not a problem but we need to start with something, we will asked you in detail to write us your resume in general in your local language. We Will Do The Rest!

How does it work with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is very simple to operate and you should learn how to do it and use it. We will send you a detailed file with all of the necessary changes and updates that you need to do to your profile. New or Existing.

Can you actually do the LinkedIn profile updating for me?

We would love to help! it’s an added service that can be found here >>

I just made an order, when to expect my new CV?

7-9 business days. we can expedite it for you, if you upgrade from here >>

How many revisions can I request?

Our packages covers all needed revisions that you may need.

For how long can I ask for changes?

you will be eligible for revisions for 2-5 weeks from the day of the delivery. depends on your package.

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The recruiters offer interviews for those who have the most impressive resume and are adapted to the role in conjunction with the cover letter!

More Then 300

Resumes are received on average per job published, sometimes more!

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It takes an average recruiter to pass and examine a resume And decide how to categorize them. So simple, effective and so fast!

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