Boutique Head Hunting

Custom Hunting Boutique Services

Imagine the fisherman throwing a net into the water and hoping that something good will come up in the net. There are days when he is lucky and he manages to catch a big, fat fish, but most days he puts in his net mostly tiny minnows. This is how most employers and placement companies conduct themselves, they are just waiting for the oil fish to come up in their net.

Head Hunting Boutique services are not waiting for the big fish that will show up. They dive into the water and actively look for the big fish, which is the ideal candidate for the job. They know where to look for it, how to identify it and how to seduce it. The experts in headhunting, or perhaps we will call them “bounty hunters”, are not an ordinary manpower agency. They make it possible to find the most suitable candidate and match him and the employer.

The Benefits of Boutique Head Hunting

Head Hunting allows the employer to enjoy many benefits, which are integrated together for quality recruitment from which both parties benefit – the employer and the new employee who is recruited. But in order to succeed in the task they must first understand the organizational DNA and its needs, and then they will find the missing piece.

Using the Hunting Boutique can be recruited in a discreet manner

The organization should not publicly announce its intentions to recruit people for key positions, which could create internal storms and external waves. Instead there is an outsider looking for candidates for the organization discreetly.

Another advantage of Head Hunting professionals is locating candidates

Another advantage of Head Hunting professionals is locating candidates not only in the job search market but in the job market. When posting job ads, naturally most of the referrals are from job seekers. But the quality and experienced manpower is actually among those who do not look at the job ads.

Another significant advantage is finding a candidate based on intelligence research

Headhunters are familiar with market activity, happenings, trends and key people. It is not just said that the success of a bounty hunter depends on the system of business ties it weaves. They know what the achievements, successes and experience of people in key positions are. The information they have may be more relevant than any resume document. They know what the candidate’s real experience is and what system of contacts he brings with him, which is also valuable in the job market.

There are organizations that need special skills. That is, businesses in special niches looking for experience that is not common in the job market. In many cases they are forced to make compromises because of the difficulty and time required to find the right person. In these cases the only chance to locate an employee with unique skills, and in a short time, is through head hunting.

So how would you like to make the next recruitment for a senior position in the organization? Would you like to be like the fisherman who throws the net into the water again and again, and puts all his effort on luck? Or would you like to enlist the help of a hunter who goes into the water and finds the most suitable candidate for you?