Writing a Resume in English

Common mistakes in writing a resume and LinkedIn profile for high-tech

You may have made the following
<b>common mistakes</b> :

The vast experience you have gained in the public sector can be very suitable for high-tech jobs – but if you do not emphasize your relevant skills in accordance with the requirements of the high-tech job, the recruiter may miss you.

It’s time to wake up and realize that things have changed since the last time you looked for a job. Converting a profession from the public sector to the high-tech industry requires a change in your approach to the whole process.
All the coveted companies in the market have a LinkedIn profile, nowadays a professional LinkedIn profile customized to the industry can be the decisive line between rejecting the candidate and ordering a job interview.

You can be the most professional in the public sector, but if you have not practiced how to present what you did correctly and qualitatively, you will not pass the interview. We know how much you are professionals.

Basically, what any candidate screening system is programmed to do when it “reads” a resume, is basically what a human recruiter would do : the system scans for keywords and content to find out if you are suitable for the job or not. When it comes to writing a resume that can go through the screening system, you want to make sure that the key data for the job is there and easy to find.


A program that fits Bull for you

Resume is a business for professionals, proper and professional writing improves your ability to be accepted into coveted jobs. The wage gap between a coveted place and other places can amount to tens of thousands of shekels a year


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