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7 Tips For Job Seekers on LinkedIn

Social networks play an important part in our lives, both within the leisure culture and for the world of business and careers. But while most social networks deal primarily with entertainment needs, there are also social networks that focus on the professional field. LinkedIn is the most well-known professional network.

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Which Senior Do You Need – Choosing a Digital Manager for the Organization

We can detect a huge demand for the placement of digital managers in the market. Each manager contributes various skills, has a different management style, and controls different budgets. But the issue is, what functions best for your company? How will you choose a digital manager who has the appropriate skills and can contribute to and drive the organisation to the next level?

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How to Get the Attention of Headhunters

The top jobs in the high-tech industry are not listed in job advertisements. Senior roles are often filled with the assistance of recruiting consultants known as “headhunters,” who specialize in tailored discreet recruitment.

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6 Mistakes When Writing A Resume

Your resume is one of the key tools when looking for a job. Your resume should portray you in the best light possible while still being relevant to the job you are attempting to get.

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Tips for finding a high-tech job

High-tech jobs are considered to be very attractive jobs. The technology companies in the country are at the forefront of the Israeli economy and they offer excellent wage and employment conditions, interesting work, and many promotion opportunities. But it is not always easy to take the first step, that is, to be hired for a high-tech job. In past times high-tech companies have fought for every worker. But many complain that recently without experience, it is difficult to get a job. Here are some tips for finding a high-tech job.

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Common high-tech jobs that do not require prior knowledge

The high-tech industry often employs software engineers and people with advanced technical knowledge. But not every high-tech worker is a programmer. In high-tech companies, there are a variety of different positions, such as those of people who deal with manpower, logistics, accounting, legal issues, marketing, and more.

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