What are the titles of senior executives?

How do I know if I’m considered a senior? Senior executives, by definition, are professionals at the level of a member of the Board of Directors, C-level managers, Vice Presidents (VP), and Directors.

What is the distinction between a board member and a director?

Despite their similar titles, a member of a company’s board of directors who represents the shareholders should not be mistaken with a member of the management within the firm who has the role of director of a field or department.

A board of directors, sometimes known as a board of trustees, is a corporate unit that represents the company’s shareholders and interests. Members of the board of directors are not responsible for the company’s day-to-day management, but rather monitor the CEO and deal with the formulation of the company’s strategy from a macro perspective.

A manager with the title of director of a company, such as a sales director or marketing director, is at a lower management level than the company’s CEO (unless the position is public, in which case “Director General” is a corresponding name for the CEO).

Before delving into the definition of executive titles in high-tech and other industries, we’ll go through the organizational management structure and who reports to whom.


What is the structure of a company’s management hierarchy?

The names of management tittles in a firm vary depending on the organization’s structure and size, and might include:

These ranks work differently in different companies. Typically, the rock rolls down the mountain from level C to level V, level D, level B, and below. But not all companies tend to use these titles and by this hierarchy or definition.

What does the CEO do?

What is the role of the CEO and what names correspond to the CEO in English?

The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) or Managing Director, President, or in the case of a public office, Director General-usually the face of the company, is responsible for all activities and the company’s dealings with the board. This can include delegating authority and directing agendas, driving profitability, managing the organizational structure, and building strategy.

Positions in high-tech that are similar to those in other sectors include:

How do I determine which executive position in high-tech I am suitable for if I come from another industry?

Additional C-suite positions:

This article is the first in a comprehensive series of articles reviewing all the senior positions in the job market.

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