A Specialized Placement Service for Executives

Placement of executives

Unlike candidates and employees who are making the first career steps, seniors are the ones who have gained experience in the job market. People who not only bring with them theoretical knowledge in the field, but practical knowledge accumulated during many years of work. People who have achieved success in the job market. If you belong to this group, many doors in the job market are open to you.

Many employers are happy to accept people with experience for integration into senior positions in the organization.

Responsibility for making the right decision and choosing the right person

Senior recruitment is not always done in the regular track, in many cases it is done on the basis of personal acquaintance or through professionals engaged in the placement of senior executives. One reason for this is that employers designate executives for key positions in the organization, so it is important for them to make the right choice and find the right person in whose hands the responsibility can be entrusted.

And on the other hand, you who are experienced, you will not want to rush to sign a contract for the first offer you receive. You must make all the considerations and find the job that will both reward you in the best way, and also give you the challenge. The challenge that will allow you to grow and develop beyond what you have reached so far.

Using the Hunting Boutique can be recruited in a discreet manner

As people with experience in the job market, you are probably aware that sometimes companies conduct themselves discreetly when it comes to recruiting executives. Companies like to keep the cards close to the chest and not release information that helps competitors anticipate their steps. When a company is looking to expand its research and development department or perhaps penetrate a new market, it needs an experienced manager. But you certainly would not want the competitors to infer this from the recruitment process. For this reason many of the recruitments are done quietly, with the help of bounty hunters who specialize in recruiting and placing seniors.

These bounty hunters are recognized by employers, and they turn to them for discreet recruitment for the most attractive jobs. Therefore, as senior job seekers, with senior placement experts you will find opportunities that you will not find anywhere else.

And not only employers are looking for discretion, but also job applicants. In many cases people are looking for a change in life, but do not want the employer to know in the early stages that they are considering continuing their path. Therefore, it is also important for them to work through senior placement professionals who can connect them with the employers in a discreet manner.

Recruitment for Senior Position

Recruitment for senior positions is different from any other recruitment. Every company wants to make sure that it chooses the right person for it. There is a big difference for the company between the turnover of junior employees and the turnover of senior employees. Therefore, the placement of executives is a process of recruitment that is carried out in a personal and meticulous manner – so we will ensure that the right person is in the right place.

Whether you are on the employer side looking for the next manager, or you are the manager looking for new opportunities for him, we are the address for you. We have acquaintances with employers, and we also know how to identify talents and approach them discreetly. This is where the managers can come from who will move your organization forward, or the job that will allow a person to realize his or her full potential.